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A punch, you know how much?

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A punch, you know how much?

Release date:2015-06-10 00:00 Source: Click:

       Punch, many industries now almost can be used, a lot of people have heard of, but seldom seen.From the diameter of the holes from zero a few millimeters to several centimeters, can call the for microporous aerator, hole punch, the big hole puncher.From the material is far too many, bead drilling, punched paper, gem perforating, FPC punching, PCB drilling, and so on.From the price from a few dollars to millions of.You can imagine, you need to punch something, foot wear shoes, pants belt, ear dozen ears.You can imagine, you need to punch something, foot wear shoes, pants belt, ear dozen ears.

        Now is the era of the Internet, many transactions directly on the Internet can clinch a deal, the drilling machine has so many names, the need to buy drilling machine manufacturers, in the search to bring a lot of trouble.A lot of people like to enter the most critical search terms in the search.If you want to buy film punch, to Baidu search only search punch it, you have to spend a lot of time in the search to the contents of handsome.A large amount of information will find you a headache, and found the information is not enough.So you in the search must be quasi enter a search term, for example, you want to buy a playing circuit board positioning hole punch, you'd better input circuit board positioning punch. Packing film switch, film switch punch. So you get the right information.

      In addition, in the electronic industry of the drilling machine have special names such as CCD automatic punching machine, automatic positioning punching machine, computer punch, computer automatic punching machine, automatic shooting machine.Especially drilling machine used in PCB industry, like FPC soft board need to make hundreds or even thousands of positioning holes, and now there are a full automatic punch.

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